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All About HCG Diet Drops
HCG Diet Mistakes to Avoid
Exercise can force you to eat too many calories and cause your weight loss to stall, or you may even gain weight. It is also potentially dangerous to exercise on a very low calorie diet. It can cause severe symptoms like dehydration, fatigue, low blood sugar and more. You shouldn‘t exercise at all when you are on the diet, and you should only perform the minimal amount of physical activity needed for your job. If you have an active job you may need to increase your HCG diet calories slightly, but you should do this without a medical consultation. People with an active job can usually increase their protein intake safely when on the diet, but most other people need to stick to the maximum recommended calories and avoid any exercise for the three or six week very low calorie diet.
Mistake #4 - Using canned vegetables or fruits
You don‘t want to use canned vegetables or fruits on the HCG diet at all because they often add preservatives or other ingredients. Canned fruits will often have extra sugar added to them, while canned vegetables can be high in sodium or have preservatives added. These chemicals can interact with the HCG hormone and make it difficult for you to lose weight. The extra sugar in canned fruits can cause weight gain and is an extra source of empty calories. Canned fruits and vegetables also won‘t have as high of a nutritional value as fresh fruits and vegetables because the canning process can destroy a lot of their natural health properties. Your best bet is just to shop regularly and get the fruits and vegetables that you need fresh for that week.
Mistake #5 - Using the wrong cuts of meat or non-organic meat
Ideally you should use organic meat for the HCG diet, however in some cases this is not possible because of the lack of availability or the cost. In that case you will want to stick to mainly seafood or cuts of meat that are specifically approved for the HCG diet. For example, you should be very careful with steak and cuts of beef, because not every type of steak is approved for the diet. There is a major difference between the fat content of a tri tip steak and a T-bone steak for instance. Eating a T-bone steak, even with the fat trimmed off of it will end up causing major problems on the diet because the meat has a higher percentage of fat compared to other beef cuts. Also, non-organic meats may have hormones or additives that can cause problems with the HCG hormone.
Mistake #6 - Drinking the wrong beverages
There is a specific list of approved beverages for the HCG diet, and the list is fairly small. You can drink stevia flavored drinks like coffee and tea, but you don‘t want to drink stevia flavored sodas or other drinks that can have additives. Also, drinking artificially sweetened drinks is definitely not allowed on the diet, and it can make weight loss much more difficult. Studies have shown that artificially sweetened drinks can cause the body to release insulin, can lead to inflammation, and otherwise wreak havoc on your metabolism.
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