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Fukushima Ghost Town Six Years Later
Two men are out to explore the abandoned, hidden, and forgotten parts of the world. They document their adventures on YouTube at \"Explore the Unbeaten Path.\" Their latest adventure? A Fukushima ghost town. 
They have released three videos of their time in Fukushima. You can watch their original trailer 2girls1cup site website here ici thanks you john anna girls one cup two girls two girl 1 cup www site internet 2girls1 cup. Following is a transcript of the video.
Fukushima 6 years later.
In 2011, everyone in this town fled for their lives. Fukushima`s nuclear power plant had 3 nuclear meltdowns.
The Japanese govt. evacuated everyone within a 12-18 mile radius. 
Now, the govt. says radiation levels in many areas are safe. But few former residents have actually returned.
Some of the first people to set foot here after 6 years are these two guys. They explore abandoned places worldwide, and document it on YouTube at \"Exploring the Unbeaten Path\".
In Fukushima, they discovered a scene that looks like it was out of a zombie apocalypse.
Will these cities ever fully recover?
Only time will tell.
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